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Fastwalkers DVD Reviews

Todd Levick

I just wanted to drop you a note and compliment you on the new video. I have to admit, I was skeptical at first on what to expect in this documentary as I am a ufo fanatic and have been disappointed in some recent vids I have seen.

I have to tell you, your program was absolutely spectacular. A five star rating in my book. I just cant say enough good things about it. i come home from work and pop it in, I go to work and pop it in while in my semi. I have only had it a couple of weeks and feel like i have worn it out already. The other half comes home and goes geez again? I just tell her i wanna make sure i didn't miss or overlook She did like it to but she's usually a one time movie watcher and thats it but at least i got her interested in the subject.

I live up here along the shore of Lake Michigan in Whiting Indiana with a nice view of the Chicago skyline, always hoping to spot something in this area since it seems to be a hot spot lately.

I am a fairly new member of MUFON's Indiana chapter and hoping to start learning to be a field investigator for my region since it seems they are in very short supply of investigators in this area. I just want to keep learning and researching as much as i can on the ufo subject and hope to maybe one day get to meet all of you.

Now, what can we do up here to help get this documentary on cable and satellite? The people need to see this and learn from this. Time for everyone to stand up and tell the government enough is enough and quit taking us for fools. This beats pretty much hands down all the ufo shows I have seen on satellite. I cant believe a deal hasn't been made yet. Time to tell big oil and big industry to chill and take a seat on the back burner as I still firmly believe our government has major advanced technology that would help this world out but, god forbid it would put the oil industry out of business along with other major manufacturers including the pharmaceutical section as the tech for major medical breakthroughs is probably being hidden as well. It just makes me so angry knowing its out there and i may not live long enough to see it all finally come out.

What can i do to help get the word out or anything else i can do to help. Theres so much more i want to say and get off my mind but don't want to bore you to

By the way great show as well earlier this year with George Noory. Cant miss a night without George and Art on XM while traveling down the road every night from Chicago to Evansville Indiana .

Anyhow, great work to all of you and your staff on an excellent job. Cant wait to see the next one.


Todd Levick

Mark C. Lawrence

Good Morning Mr Miles,

Thank you very much, I received yesterday in the mail two Fastwalkers DVD that you promise ! ... Along with the two DVD's ...I also received in the mail couple days earlier one of the two from my original order....... Do you want me to send one of them back ? Please let me know which address to use !

Thank you soooo much for your great Service, Have a good Day :)

Mark C. Lawrence
Bordentown NJ

White Mountain Independent in Show Low AZ

Lia Angelus here at the White Mountain Independent in Show Low AZ. We  have recently published several articles in our newspaper on the  "Fastwalkers" premier.

launched at WME Theatres

Check out the Show Low Public Library

WME to host world premiere of UFO documentary

William W. Hall

William W. Hall ( ) , I am a helicopter owner & pilot.

Earth's deliverance from cosmic tyranny
The 'Safespace' story is a tale of Cosmic tyranny and suppression of millions of inhabited worlds. The Intergalactic Federation has usurped control of these worlds by simply removing their leaders, wiping out their memories and imprisoning them on a special planet known as Earth. Whenever the imprisoned population reaches the point of technological development where they are ready to go into space and, thence, to the stars, the Federation sends a police team to tilt the planet's axis, destroying the technology and the bulk of the population and regressing what is left to a condition of 'Dark Ages' ignorance and savagery. This was the fate of Lemuria, Atlantis, Sumeria and others. After thousands of years, since the last Federation intervention, the prisoners of planet Earth are again technologically advanced and ready to voyage into space. A Federation controller, with an immensely advanced starship, has been sent to once more tilt the planet and return it to a primitive condition. Regon Varce, the police controller, is faced with the decision of to obey Federation orders or do what he knows is right and free the prisoners, the natural leaders of millions of inhabited worlds. To do this he will have to restore their memories of who they are and from where they came and help them to become free galactic citizens, dedicated to dismantling the harsh Intergalactic Federation and reestablishing the freedom of all inhabited worlds. The author has written a suspenseful tale of cosmic intrigue, fear and hope. It contains colorful and believable characters and the story rings true in one's consciousness. The human race of planet Earth, all prisoners of the tyrannical Intergalactic Federation are on the brink of DELIVERANCE! Are you ready to know your origin and take your rightful place of leadership amongst the stars? If you are--Read This Book!!!!

Mark Hunziker

Dear Sirs,

I've just completed an online screening of your documentary which is one of the best I've ever seen.  I'm the former State Section Director for MUFON Los Angeles and I've met many of the principles who spoke in the documentary because most of them have visited MUFON LA a time or two.  It is refreshing to see someone do such a signature job of assembling them all together under one presentation as you've done here.  Congratulations!  I'm a camera and audio engineer here in Los Angeles and work freelance to all the big media players here in our entertainment center.  This is just to let you know that I have some credible experience in the field of documentary film making and I think you've set an refined example for how arguments might best be made for this kind of difficult subject matter.  

Additionally, I want to commend you on the music you chose.  It is cleverly selected for this piece.  The key was to have something that didn't jump out past the material.  I think the music stayed in the background and enhanced the stories until the titles where it just made a great ending point.  I covered much of your related web site in several spots trying to obtain information about or a copy of the music because I liked it that much.  Anyway, you did a great job and if you can connect me with the Smart Sound people to get the music, I'd sure appreciate it.  I'll eventually purchase a copy of your DVD it was that good.  It will surely be an import player in making a convincing argument for those who yet need convincing arguments.  You've done an important catalogue for the history of Ufology.

Kindest regards,

Mark Hunziker

Violeta Vranjkovic

UFO Researcher of

Fastwalkers offers a wealth of information concerning the UFO phenomenon in a very feasible and confident manner. This fully engaging masterpiece presents the
latest, modern day evidence, as well as, input of prominent researchers to explore
the past and present to offer a bright look into the future. Get ready for a time-
travel adventure of inter-galactic proportions, unparalleled since the visions of
Jules Verne.

Heidi Hollis

Host of Magick Mind Radio, UFO Researcher/Lecturer, Author of The
Secret War, Director of UFO2U, Columnist of Alien

Fastwalkers is a refreshing approach on the UFO cover-up as a whole. The
information provided via the distinctive collection of UFO researchers and
experiencers is unique and refined. Fastwalkers should serve as an example for
future collaborative efforts if we are to continue to make notable progress towards
finding the truth.


by Kevin Smith

The movie "Fastwalkers" was recently unveiled to the world in its premier in Arizona.  I was privileged to be in attendance.

Having seen most of the UFO documentaries that are available on television, and having seen many that are available on private lable DVD\'s, I have noticed a real difference between them.

Those that are released on television usually have very good production elements in them, but they tend to water down the information.  Those that are released direct to the public usually have pretty good information, but poor production elements.  They look amateurish. 

"Fastwalkers" is the best of both worlds.  It is a sleek production with great information. 

The UFO sightings and alien abduction information is not new.  At least, most of it has been heard before.  However, "Fastwalkers" brings together the top names in UFO research, and does not water down what they say. 

Director Athony Miles and Executive Producer Robert Miles have produced a film that deserves to be seen. 

Even skeptics left the theatre with a mind a bit more open than when they arrived. 

"Fastwalkers" gets a thumbs up from me,  as well as the UFO sightings researchers who attended the premier. I think this movie should be rated as a "must see" for anyone even mildly interested in UFO sightings and alien abductions.


Kevin Smith Show continuing broadcast update from the Fastwalkers World Premiere at Show Low,Arizona USA

Paola Harris

The new book of Paola Harris

Dear Robert
Thanks for the 4 copies of FASTWALKERS..The most powerful film..I have ever seen...Steven Greer and Robert Dean...The Esquisite wisdom of Robert
Dean..His last words...are Swords of light!

I was very very humbled.... By all this! Thank you... Amazing...Totally

Paola Harris Merry Christmas From Paola Harris In Boulder Colorado


Gazed at the sky and wondered what's out there?
Thought that there is more to life than what you know?
Questioned the "truth"?
Wondered why?
Thought that your government was lying?
Knew that there was more to the story that wasn't being told?
Dreamed of peace and an end to war?
Realized that religion wasn't the answer?
Wanted to do something more?
Been dissatisfied with your life?
Felt like a "stranger in a strange land"?

Fastwalkers is a new video that has the power to alter reality as you know it. Well documented, believable, and enlightening, this movie may change your life. Find out what "they" have been hiding from us and why. You will be affected, you will be stunned, you will have questions. It is no longer science fiction.

You are not alone. We are not alone. Expand your view, your mind, and your total belief system. Take that first step into the "unknown". It is known.

Elliott Maynard, Ph.D.

Fastwalkers: They Are Here is a powerful cinematic presentation of a cutting-edge new paradigm which is destined to completely change our concept of humans and their relation to the Universe. Director Miles has masterfully assembled a collage of credible witnesses from military, scientific, and journalistic sectors within an international context which is tastefully low-key, yet deeply credible and intellectually compelling. This landmark documentary skillfully introduces the emerging paradigm of “Exopolitics” into the Global Arena as a bright new pathway for renaissance, enlightenment and survival of Humans as an evolutionary species.

Elliott Maynard, Ph.D.
Arcos Cielos Research Center
Sedona, AZ USA

William W. Hall

It's time for mankind to know that we came from the stars! It's time to realize that our heritage and destiny do not lie on this one, small planet. It's time to remember that our galactic history is billions of years old and that we were, are and will be again among the royalty of ancient star lines.

We, now living on planet Earth, have been deceived by ill-intentioned overseers and governments of this planet and tricked and coerced into forgetting the illustrious heritage that is rightfully ours.

"Fastwalkers", produced and presented by the Safespace Project team, delivers the details of who, what and why we are and presents convincing messages from the greatest experts of the world about our stellar origins and destiny.

The film is fast moving, carefully documented and leaves no doubt that mankind has been swindled and dumbed down to a condition where he no longer remembers and realizes his roots and his destiny.

I was spellbound by this high definition, feature length film and recommend that anyone who thinks, anyone who dreams, anyone who yearns for a brilliant and exciting future see the information it relays as soon as possible.

William W. Hall
East Liverpool, Ohio

Jerry Pippin

Fastwalkers is by far the best DVD documentary I have seen. I say this because of superior production values and first class attention to every detail in the video and audio work. A virtual who's who with clever editing of the interviews makes this a must have UFO video.

Larry Dicken

I viewed the DVD last night, along with my partner, who is interested in UFOs, but doesn’t have the depth of knowledge that I have.

Our reviews:

1.      Partner: An excellent presentation overall, riveting and very informative on aspects of UFOs that many people are not familiar with, such as Exopolitics. The best UFO presentation I have seen (comparing to all the programs on TV). It made you think about what you saw and heard and I discussed the content at length with Larry after the film was over. Loved seeing Jerry and a computer screen image of Larry’s web site. I asked where Larry’s credit was (naturally) in the scroll at the end. I was very pleased that the standard, obligatory debunkers were not included.

2.      Larry: I must say, this was a real, in every sense of the word, UFO informational documentary, bereft of the usual “fair and balanced” presentation that requires a point/counterpoint UFOlogist vs. debunker format. This is not a film that tries to convince the audience argumentatively. It is a presentation of information and opinion about UFOs from people in various fields of endeavor, who are presented as experts, researchers, investigators and experiencers. It is like our show, the Jerry Pippin Show….the viewer sees the story and can decide, without being pushed argumentatively from both sides of the issue, what is his or her beliefs and opinions.

Technically, the widescreen format, the crisp clear images, the fast cuts from one interviewee to another, presented as monologues rather than dialogues, the interlace of images as a part of the monologues are all super. This was a quality piece of work. I was especially impressed with the graphic animation simulations, and perhaps wished there had been more. I was so pleased that you didn’t use the standard shot of landscapes with bright lights shown into the camera and bouncing around the scene to simulate UFO’s that are in many of these productions.

Due to my familiarity with the people involved and my level of knowledge, there were some moments of thinking, OK next, but surprisingly this was minimal. The viewer can not help but be won over by the sincerity and serious demeanor of those interviewed. These people had important messages to deliver and they were successful in doing so.

I was particularly impressed with the absolute surety of Stanton that UFOs are real and we have all the evidence we need to prove it, the passion of Albert Webre, and the awe and emotion of Robert Dean (especially knowing of his illness) that was to me very moving. I could go on, citing good in every interviewee, but that is obvious in the viewing. Your selection was excellent and the presentation should leave a positive desire for more knowledge in understanding with all viewers except jaded, cynical, arm-chair skeptics.

If your aim was to satisfy and inform the general public on the subject of UFO’s and evoke lots of discussions after the viewing, this very well organized introductory presentation of the various aspects of the UFO experience and what it means to humankind, hits the mark. You have laid the ground work. I can’t wait for the sequel.


Larry Dicken
Executive Producer and COO
Jerry Pippin Productions  

Lorna Nickel




Nov. 28, 2006.

Thanks I received the Fastwalkers dvd today. I watched it twice it was great!  The best UFO dvd I've ever seen. Credible accounts, factual, and utterly fantastic. Thanks!
CW: London, England.

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