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Safespace Book

Welcome to the SafeSpace Book page.
Here you will find Information on the SafeSpace Book by Robert D. Miles.

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SafeSpace Book Receives Editor's Choice Award!
from iUniverse Press 2003

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To purchase Safespace on Barnes and click here.

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Midwest Book Review Editor-in-Chief James A. Cox just posted a five star review of Safespace on calling Safespace "A STAR-SPANNING SCI-FI TALE OF INTRIGUE" on October 8, 2003. In a followup phone call Robert was told that his book Safespace was selected from over fifteen hundred other books that came in for review in that week alone.

Midwest Book Review is a premier book list providers for libraries and schools throughout the United States as well as a content provider for other book listing services.

Reviewer: Midwest Book Review from Oregon, WI USA

Deftly written by Robert D. Miles (a television and motion picture writer of thirty years' experience), Safe Space is an upbeat science fiction adventure concerning the ruthless designs of an Intergalactic Federation that periodically decimates Earth's population and advancing cultures, leaving behind scattered survivors. A star-spanning sci-fi tale of intrigue, hidden motives, and ultimate destiny, Safe Space is very highly recommended reading for fans of the genre.


Review by William W. Hall posted on

I give this amazing, timely and challenging book a five star rating.

William W. Hall Weott, California

For the full review please read on...

The Safespace story tells of things that have been deliberately kept hidden from today's average human being.

It tells of the long long ago, far far away beginnings of the Intergalactic Federation and its usurpation of total control over millions of inhabited worlds by the simple act of removing and incarcerating their leaders on a prison planet known as 'Earth'.

On Earth, these deposed leaders spend multiple lifetimes quarreling and warring amongst themselves and never become aware of their true identities or origins because of 'mind blocks' which have been put in their brains by the Intergalactic Federation.

Periodically, after thousands of years, Earth's imprisoned population technically advances to the point of being able to begin voyaging into space. At that time, the Federation sends a police team to upset the planet's equilibrium, killing off most of the population and regressing the survivors into a primitive condition of savagery and ignorance. Lemuria, Atlantis, Sumeria are examples of this.

Earth's imprisoned population, all rightful leaders of the controlled worlds of the Federation, have once more arrived at the point of becoming a space-faring society.

A new controller, with an immensely powerful starship, has been sent by the Federation to, once again, disrupt and destroy Earth's newly evolved technology and the bulk of the world's people, by causing a catastrophic, planetary tilt.

This controller, Regon Varce, is torn between doing his duty, as a Federation representative, or doing what he feels is right; by defying the Federation's mandate to plunge the people of Earth, once again, into the primitive savagery of a new 'Dark Ages'.

This suspenseful tale of cosmic intrigue, adventure and enlightenment carries with it a convincing aura of truth and reverberates within one's consciousness as being potentially based on fact.

The author has done more than just tell a fanciful story. He has delivered, in "Safespace", a message of hope and remembrance for the enslaved people of our planet.

Federation overseers are in charge of our world. We are once again ready to voyage into space and, from there, to the stars. We are on the brink of DELIVERANCE into our rightful place as galactic citizens and leaders of millions of populated planets.

Are we ready?

Reviewer: A reader from San Diego, CA July 11, 2003


"Safespace Original Concepts" Five star rating Amazon

What impressed me about this book was the unique and convincing explanation of human history on this planet. The story develops in modern time but throughout, relates back to explanations of major conflicts and even the presence of Jesus. It does this without being preachy and maintains a positive outlook of our future. It "tickles" our imagination with the possibility that these "fictional" events may be true because it explains the unexplainable in our history.

The book is also full of hope and challenge and is an appeal for action beyond the mere reading of it. I am sure the author hopes for more than selling books and actually asks for the reader's involvement.

Definitely worth the time and money.

Robert D. Miles, Author SafeSpaceRobert D. Miles Biography

Robert Miles is a television and motion picture writer and producer with thirty years experience. He has written and published numerous articles, and non-fiction stories.

An avid adventurer, Robert designed and built four sailing vessels, cruised to Hawaii, Baja Mexico, and Honduras.

Safespace is a manifestation of his personal extraterrestrial experience.

Copyright 2006 SafeSpace - All Rights Reserved.